Our products for well-being are carefully chosen with the environment and health of our clients’ in mind. We look for local as much as possible to support our community and town and beyond that, the ingredients are the most important thing to us. We choose products that are free from chemical preservatives, use natural essential oils for aromatherapy, and are produced with eco-friendly methods.

Alchemy of Sol

Alchemy Of Sol uses only premium oils to make premium shea butter soap with out synthetics of any type, their soap bars are biodegradable, vegetarian and GMO Free. AOS candles are handmade with certified non-GMO soy, which burn cleaner and longer. AOS hand pours their candles using only pure essential oils, cotton wicks and recycled glass, with no synthetic fragrance, colors, zinc or petroleum fumes. Step up to the goodness of what Mother Earth has to offer. 

Banyan Botanicals

We carry a selection of bottled herbs and oils. Banyan Botanicals was founded in 1996, based on the dream of creating a company that would provide the highest quality Ayurvedic herbs and products possible.

French Broad Chocolate Factory

We are excited to sell chocolate bars from this artisan chocolate maker located in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. This bean to bar company makes their chocolate in small batches and directly imports fine cacao from small farmers to create a deeper sustainable connection to the source. 

Life Spa

We carry a selection of bottled herbs and oils. LifeSpa is the premier center for natural health and Ayurveda in the United States. It was started in 1994 by Dr. John Douillard DC as a small Ayurvedic clinic and spa in Boulder Colorado. 


We have a large selection of Shoyeido incense, which is considered the highest quality, most natural incense available on Earth. These incense sticks are made without wood therefore it burns cleaner and allows for a more pure aroma.

The Synergy Company

This small supplement company out of Moab Utah, has been dedicated to providing life-enhancing, inspired by nature and organic supplements to the world community. You won’t find anything synthetic in these quality products. We carry a variety of their vitamins and other bottle herbs. 

Twelve Corners

We carry a selection of Radiant Massage creams and Twelve Corners pure essential oils. Twelve Corners is a small herbal processing lab located in the beautiful Harpeth River Valley of middle Tennessee, about 10 miles south of Nashville. Since 1989 they have provided a wide range of products for massage therapy and general well-being.

Vital Choice 

A trusted source for the world’s finest wild seafood harvested from healthy, well-managed wild fisheries and farms. We carry their Sockeye Salmon Oil capsules!
Extracted just hours after harvest from sustainable wild fish, this oil is minimally processed to retain the nutrients that make fish oils so good for you! These oils are free of artificial preservatives, color, dairy, starch, wheat, yeast, sugar, or soy.

Wilderness Family Naturals

We usually stock Wilderness Family Natural Coconut Oil in the warmer months of the year. This virgin coconut oil is organic and raw. It is centrifuge extracted, this method works like a cream separator used for separating cream from cow’s milk. It requires a series of passes through 6 different centrifuges before a pure oil is isolated. This means the oil is not exposed to any heat thus keeping the nutrients intact! Coconut oil has a variety of uses, from cooking, to moisturizing, to oiling door hinges!



Himalayan Salt Lamps

Essential Oil Diffusers


Dr. Ron’s supplements

Vital Proteins 


Young Living

ByBella Jewelry 


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