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Preparing For Race Day!


With the Rock n’ Roll Nashville Marathon quickly approaching, we thought we would highlight a few key points that may help you prepare for the big day! Massage is a great recovery and preventative tool if you schedule sessions at the right time (please see ‘take it easy’ tip below). Massage applies moving pressure to muscles and other tissues such as tendons, ligaments, and connective tissues. That’s especially great news for runners, who rely on limber joints and muscles for pain-free peak performance. Muscle stiffness can actually affect your performance. It can throw off your gait and change your form, which leads to problems over time, possibly even injury.

Our simple tips:

  • Drink plenty of water! Also be sure to also eat protein and nutrient dense foods in the week leading up to and after your big race.
  • Stretch! Take yoga classes or commit to a home stretching routine while you train for the race!
  • Get quality sleep.
  • Tools like foam rollers and tennis balls can be used to target sore areas if you are unable to book a massage appointment.
  • Apply heat or ice, read our blog post on when to use them.
  • Take it easy after. As much as you think digging in to those sore muscles will relieve the pain, rest and recovery are just as important. In fact we consider this our most important piece of advice: the best thing you can actually do is hydrate, take a light walk, and let your muscles recover from the work they’ve done. Our body needs to go through their own healing and rebuilding processes, which are in place for a reason! Deep pressure massage and intense stretching can be hard on the body, and we often have to recover from those treatments before pushing ourselves further. Running a race at your full potential and then experiencing rigorous body work could actually make you feel more worn out and more sore! If you do book a massage on race day please expect that through talking with the athlete and using touch, a therapist will determine the state of the muscle and if it’s best to use light strokes or deep-tissue techniques to treat an athlete in a safe and productive way.
  • Have fun!

These tips aren’t just for runners but for anyone preparing for a competition or race like, rowers, swimmers, cyclists etc. May your race day be enjoyable and soreness free! We hope to see you in the studio in the days leading up to or the days shortly after your race! Good luck!

We will be open late due to road closures! Please call the studio for the most up to date information!


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