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Voted one of the Top 3 Best Massages in Nashville!

The Nashville Scene Reader’s Poll for Best of Nashville 2016 came out today! 


We are humbled to serve Nashville everyday. Thank you for supporting a locally owned business!

What makes Practical Massage among the best?

Practical Massage means just that; a massage that fits easily in to your life. Clients choose to book at Practical Massage because we offer therapeutic bodywork in a professional, yet casual atmosphere. Our clients feel welcome and comfortable communicating with our therapists about what they need before and even during their sessions. Our studio is centered on the core belief that our staff genuinely wants to help clients along their healing path, whether it’s to get some relief from occasional aches and pains, injury recovery, to relax or bring balance to our body, mind and spirit. We are grateful to have a stellar team of bodywork practitioners who are career minded and who truly care about what they do. Therapists choose to work at Practical Massage because we try our best to cultivate an atmosphere that is conducive to career longevity and low stress. Massage therapy is a very physically demanding career and the only way to ensure that a therapist can continue this work for more than a few years, is to pay a living wage. By paying a fair rate per session we are enabling our therapists to offer a manageable amount of appointments per week. This not only preserves the health of the therapist, it ensures that they are able to do their best work in each and every session because they are not overworked. We allow our therapists to offer the types of modalities they like and by allowing this freedom, therapists can pursue advanced training in specific techniques they enjoy practicing. They bring this knowledge to their practice at the studio. Our therapists can tailor a thoughtfully crafted session for each client’s unique needs in that present moment. By enabling our therapists to bring techniques they have training and experience practicing our sessions can have a greater effect in our clients lives. This is the very essence of our mission and why we offer an Integrated Wellness Massage. We hope to see you in the studio soon!


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